Sunday, November 28, 2010

Yesterday I spent a great morning/early afternoon with my sisters and my brother. I have tried and tried, without success, to think of a group of people with whom I have a better time. I never laugh so hard and so long as when I am with them. I can almost see the air around us; it is diamond-like in its brilliance and sharpness, and the repartee is breath-taking! I am more a spectator of the repartee, but at least I can follow it and appreciate it. "Outsiders" are usually bewildered.

My sisters and I walked over some of the land our mother is in the process of buying. I don't know why a woman of her mature years needs to sink most of her money in a parcel of land, but it's her money so she can do as she pleases. I know that it will become my brother's property at some point, and I am glad for him. I just hope he can pay the taxes on land that will not be producing any kind of income. I don't think this land is good for anything other than a housing development, but the area has no industry which could support such a development. Retail space? Forget about it!

I have had four and a half days off work, and I am ready to go back. I know that by the end of the workday tomorrow I will be tired, harried, and harassed. But today I am well-rested, optimistic, and cheerful!

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  1. Back atcha, sista! While I cannot say I'm ready to go back to work, at least I don't dread it. I was in quite a funk when I returned yesterday, but winning over Ga. Tech has improved my disposition significantly.